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Timothy N. Brewster, Forester

Greetings! from Ohio tree farm #2886 

Our tree farm-- on the wild and scenic Grand River in Harpersfield Township, Ohio,  dates back to 1889, when my great-great grandfather purchased the land at a Sheriff’s sale. My grandfather, Warren Alvin Sterrett (1906-1984) laid the groundwork for my forestry career here on the farm. I learned my tree identification on this property. I learned to cut firewood, split locust posts, and make maple syrup. In 1975, I started my own business.

In 1978, I added timber stand improvement to the services I offer. Along with my Granddad’s advice, another important influence in my early development was ODNR Service Forester, Ture Johnson. Most of my early timber stand improvement work was performed in woodlands where Ture had already marked a timber harvest.  

In 1981, I began planting trees. In 1986, I conducted my first timber sale on our family farm. We have conducted five timber sales on the family farm since then.

I hold this farm up as my greatest reference and invite everyone to come out and see managed tree farming for themselves. In 34 years I have completed approximately 75 timber sales for private landowners and completed thousands of acres of timber stand improvement. I have planted well over 100,000 trees.

When hiring Brewster Forestry LLC, you are assured of all of the experience, commitment, and  impeccable reputation that I have built in my 34 years in the forestry business.

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Timothy N. Brewster, Forester


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